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Re: [IP] Intentional Ketosis: My Experience-long

Hi All!

I've been out of town for the weekend and back home today (Mon) sick as a dog 
and just catching up on my IP reading (over 500 posts).  Was just gonna be a 
browser today but I can't sit on my fingers on this one.

To those who feel better at 300.  Been there, done that too.  Aside from the 
gut wrenching each morning over the porcelin thrown, I could actually 
function pretty good at 300.  Got used to it and used to the feeling.  Coming 
down to 170 would feel like a reaction and be a good excuse for a snickers.  
Avoiding coming down would avoid having to worry about a "reaction", which 
felt like I would die.  HOWEVER, after living like this for the 2nd thru the 
16th year of my dm, and developing EVERY complication to one degree or 
another (with the exception of gastro - maybeeee), I can look back and say 
this was a VERY BAD CHOICE.  The scary feeling of crashing is in the fast 
decline, and a 90 bg is not a bad feeling when you are staying there for 
hours on a pump, and not just passing thru going up or down.  Your body gets 
used to where your AVERAGE bg is.  When you deviate, you feel like crap.  If 
you stay most of the time in the lower ranges, you will find that you feel 
WONDERFUL there, after you give yourself a few months of this to get used to 
it and trust the pumping that you won't crash all the time.

And as far as the weight loss associated with ketosis.  I'm 5'8" and at 
diagnosis was at 118 lbs. and I have a large Norwegian frame.  One friend 
said the day before I was dx'd - You look GREAT!  I didn't feel great,  
puking my guts out, drinking Kool Aid by the gallon, staggering to the 
bathroom, infected in every crevace, bruised all over, and peeing every 10 
minutes like a racehorse.  My husband thought I had a nasty flu; when my Mom 
flew in and saw me, she said I looked close to death.  That's what it feels 
like in advanced ketosis; like if you close your eyes, you'll never wake up! 
IS THIS A GOOD WEIGHT LOSS METHOD????   NEVER.   Does it work?  Sure, if your 
goal is to look like a zombie.

I kept my weight at about 135-140 for a long time by running high sugars.  I 
didn't look great, I was skinny, but not "hard bodied".  There is a 
difference. Hence the flurry of complications, and living "in a fog".  Four 
years ago a very good CDE got a hold of me in what I consider just in time.  
She convinced me to get the bgs down and accept the weight gain.  Now, I've 
gotten into doing enough of the right kind of exercise and eating right.  
Guess what?  If you develop your muscles, you can eat normally again, and 
still lose weight.  Now I don't have to starve to get great bgs.

Too damn bad it took me almost 20 years to get this sort of figured out.  
Intentionally going into DKA in my opinion, is akin to anorexia and bolemia.  
Take it from someone who's been down that road.  I'd rather be alive and 
healthy than a size 6.

Hope this helps someone before they have 70% kidney function, like me.


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