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In a message dated 11/7/99 11:22:51 PM EST, email @ redacted writes:

<< My problem/question is, it seems
 like when my blood sugars are consistently high (250-300) I actually
 feel physically better...a little more relaxed, less "edgy". Has anyone
 experienced this? Does insulin have an effect of making someone feel
 more "on edge"?  >>

I was diagnosed back in the dark ages before glucose testing (1957 at age 6). 
 I know that  my numbers ran high as a teen--even higher in college, when I 
practiced weight control through not taking my insulin.  I had to leave 
school my senior year when I lost most of the sight in my left eye. I have to 
say that yes, I did "feel" better with higher numbers--but only high enough 
to help me avoid lows.  I definitely felt horrid with the numbers got very 
high.  There was no glucose testing; only urine testing, and I never did 
that.  Now I know that I am quite sensitive to insulin, and that I would have 
done anything to avoid the lows.  I feel low when I get under 100, but I've 
decided to choose that feeling now, knowing that now I can always check if I 
need to.  Yes, the ketone diet "works", but the price is far too great.  I 
have gained some weight since being on the pump, and I do want to lose it.  
Sometimes I wish for an easy way to get the weight off, but I enjoy the 
feeling of "normal" so much with this pump, that I don't even mind dealing 
with this in a normal way.  The thought of losing weight through the "ketone 
diet" is as foreign a thought now as not having a pump!    
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