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[IP] doing sils for first time / blood

geneva had a bg of 502 tonight and since it was the second night of sof-set
and we went through this the other night and needed site change...we decided
to change out the site.

I just did not want to deal with shots every couple of hours tonight.

anyway...we had ordered some samples of the sils from MM and I told geneva
that I would do it with her.  she was a bit nervous about the needle.  (used
to soft-serter)

I did my insertion first.  we numbed with ice....thank you michael....about
a minute.  it did NOT hurt me at all.  I must have alot of fat down there!

geneva did hers.   it did not hurt either!   this is good.  BUT...the
problem was...blood!!!

the sils immediately filled with blood.

we just hooked up anyway...she drank some milk and bolused.  it is now 8:30
pm CA time.  how much time should we give before we have to change AGAIN!
are we foolish to not just change out now?

she had a shot of 3 1/2 H to bring her down to 150 by 10 PM.

on another note...since we are new to sils.  what does she do with the
little plastic protector cap that she puts on the pump tubing end while
showering?  where do y'all keep it?

and if she does NOT suspend while in shower for about 10 min.  if the
protector cap is on the tubing end...will this cause a 'backup' problem?
can she just leave the pump on the bathroom counter and let the insulin drip
out so we don't have to prime again?

I know this brings up a bunch of new issues for us that have been posted
prior.  but..it is bedtime and I just don't have the energy to look through
the archives now.

thanks for all of you west coasters or late night easterners for your input!


mom to 10 yr. old

pumping for four months and NEW to the sils!

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