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[IP] Skittles are great! Exercise foods?

You are the first person on this list I have seen that has found how
great  fun size skittles are for treating hypos. For me they raise bg
~40 within 15 -20 min.  The are a little hard to eat on those long runs.
I've started using Gu how about you? I wish we could get them all year
around. I stock up on those three holidays.

Has anyone found a good food for long runs. I found that granola bars
work ok for 3o min or so but longer time require more food. Also the 60
min. plus runs need constant input even with a reduced basal rate.

I've also found that a .5 -1 bolus near the end of the run helps with
the post exercise rise.

Any other thoughts?

I do chart insulin activity, basal and bolus, and exercise impact on bg
to calculate food needs and warning of hypos.

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