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Re: [IP] many questions

Wow, what a stud you sound like?  My name is Teresa and I have had diabetes 
for 23 yrs and I'm 34 yrs old.  I have been pumping with a disetronic pump 
for 4 weeks now.  I love pumping and it is wonderful for exercise.  When I 
play hockey I take down my pump a certain percentage of my regular basal 
rate.  You have to play with it to see what works for you.  Once I took my 
down 60% and it worked out great and another game my sugars started higher 
(190 ) and I only took it down10% and played on hour with my sugars staying 
stable.  I usually take my basal rate down an hour before I exercise the hour 
that I'm active and an hour after.  I think you will love pumping.  Keep in 
touch and let me know how it goes. 
Bye for now,
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