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Re: [IP] Doctor's kickbacks??


It's hard to believe, but doctors put their pants on, one leg at a time, 
just like the rest of us. They also tend to be creatures of habit and, well, 
they sometimes don't stay abreast of all of the technology.

I work at the U of M in pancreas and islet transplantation. (Yes, they do 
transplant pancreases, or pancreas-kidney transplants, rendering people 
completely free of diabetes management, but then they are on anti-rejection 
drugs for the rest of their lives.)

I can't tell you how many endos either 1) Don't know about it and don't 
offer it to patients as an option; 2) Don't want to know about it; 3) Know 
about it but are philosophically opposed to it and therefore don't offer it 
as an option to patients. The pump is just another example of a doc's 
personal bias or ignorance, in many cases. Some endos are very conservative 
and believe that if you just try hard enough, you can get  the ultimate 


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