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Re: [IP] Re: Another insurance question

> My endo ordered my pump on Oct 20th from Disetronic and was approved
> right away by the insurance company.  Now the problem is I can't get
> it from Disetronic, I have to go through some Supply company locally
> who says they don't even carry the supplies, sounds crazy to me! 
> I'm set up for a 4 day class next week for training and looks like I
> won't have my pump to learn with.  Looks like insurance companies
> would want to save money and go direct!!
It is time for you to start making waves. Two calls are in order. One 
to your insurance company complaining that you need a supplier that 
actually carries the supplies that "keep you alive" and the other to 
Disetronic to get their insurance specalist to beat on the Insurance 
company from the other end.
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