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[IP] many questions

Hello all
My name is Julie, 37, and I have IDDM for the past 17 years.  For the first 
15 of those years I was in denial about and have only started to really take 
care of myself in the past two years.  I am scheduled to go on the pump soon 
(have the pump, need the doctor's appt, just changed insurances).  I will be 
going on the Disetronic and am sooo excited.

I have a couple questions for those of you have been on the pump for awhile. 
  I am an active long-distance runner and triathlete.  I have had problems 
when running etc with low/high bgs.  In the am before a run, swim, etc if my 
bg is below 120 I don't even take my insulin until I get back.  I run into 
big low bg problems if I do.  But I use Power Gels for long runs (10-20 
miles) and sometimes have a high bg (180-220)when I am done which drops 
quickly within a couple hours.

How have any of you dealt with excercise issues on the pump.  On the 
weekends I can be out for a 2-3 hour run, or a 4 hour bike ride.

Thank you
email @ redacted

ps-I chose Disetronic because of the waterproof issue.  When I talked to MM 
about swimming they told me to just disconnect for the duration.  Had to 
tell them sometimes I swim for 1.5 hours plus I didn't want to carry around 
the huge waterproof bag, especially with a wetsuit.  Also their customer 
service was lacking in my case.

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