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[IP] Another Damn Insurance Question

My first question was about why I couldn't go through MMED to get my
supplies now but had to go through a Durable medical equipment co. using

Thanks for all your replies to my previous question.  I am on the way to
getting my supplies sent ASAP.  But here is the kicker they won't pay
for the MiniMed powerpack(batteries).  They are going to pay for
everything else except the damn batteries.  Does any else have this
problem.  Where they pay for everything else but not the batteries.

I have never gotten the run-around so bad in my life.  I bet you it took
me over 10 calls just to find one person who actually knew what the heck
she was talking about.  Can it get any worse.  I can't imagine if it
does what we will all do.  I am use to dealing with people and I am
usually very polite and calm but I lost it more that once Friday and
today.  I think the people who work for the California DMV are training
the people who answer the phones at insurance companies.  Sorry don't
mean to offend group members who work for the insurance companies.  You
are excluded for the sole fact that you have to have a brain to use a
pump.  I guess.  Thanks for the vent.  Yeah! I feel better now.  If I
could only stop talking to myself I will be okay. : )

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