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Pumping ,Procedures, Problems...(was)Re: [IP] RE:article abstract

   Problem is- now that more parents are becoming educated & demanding pumps 
for their kids ( and rightly so!), the "education" is NOT keeping pace! 
Melissa's CDE is increasingly "booked up" with patients, & still there are 
kids out there being started on pumps with scant information or direction by 
   Melissa led her teen support group last night & while the 22 teens (16 of 
whom were pumpers or about to be!!) gathered in her CDE's office, some of us 
parents went out to eat & chat. One mom was flabbergasted listening to the 
other 3 of us at the table talking about "temp basals" for pizza and "basal 
fast". Her son's been on a pump since August & his "educator" STILL has him 
at the same basal rate ( you read that right - SINGULAR): 1.0 every hour for 
24 hours as she did on day 1 of pump therapy!!!...Not surprisingly, his bgs 
have been awful.....She never even heard of basal fasts or temp basals.....la 
de da!

Regards, Renee (pump-mom)
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