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Re: [IP] Chalk one up to stupidity

> Michael,
> Wouldn't an injection or two of Glucagon have helped here,
> even though she was conscious?

Not really. The glucagon would have released the reserves in her 
liver, but that probably would not have been enough to help 
considering the massive dose of insulin she received. Enough 
glucoce still would have to go in to counteract the insulin dose 
AND replace the liver reserves. This process is not 100% efficient 
so she actually would have had to consume more. In addition, 
should we have screwed up in the long run, her body's natural 
ability to do a glucose dump would already have been compromised.
She was never in physical distress, although she suffered her usually 
"low mood" for the whole time and was a bit worried about the 
outcome. Oral glucose is faster than even IV glucose and you can get 
much more into the bloodstream without damage. Concentrated glucose 
solution does bad things to tissue.

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