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Re: [IP] on pump for 24 hours

> michael- i started pumping on insulin Thursday 11/4 at 3pm. At that
> time my endo said not to adjust anything for they are trying to fine
> tune basals and my cho/ratio. Should I call the on-call Dr. before
> making an adjustment? I dont feel confident as of yet to alter them
> on my own. Yes I just got that book. I would have preferred to have
> read it before going live but The book store had a problem ordering
> it so it took a few weeks to get. Thanks for your advice!! :0)
Certainly keep a dialog going with your medical team. If you have the 
facts, and the numbers, they should certainly support your decisions. 
I'm afraid what you might run into is and "i don't know" in which 
case they will want you to do nothing at all since they won't make a 
decision themselves. If you have an experienced CDE, I'm sure they 
will be eager to assist you if you are gathering the necessary 
information. It simply makes their jobs easier.

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