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Re: [IP] Orange juice?

>  But the OJ seems to make my blood
> sugar go very high--anyone else have any experience with this?  One
> example, on Saturday I had a 31 at approx. 10 a.m. and had about 4
> oz. of OJ (my usual amt. for an insulin reaction).  An hour later I
> was 221.  This kind of spike in my blood sugars seems to happen a
> lot when I use OJ--but I like it and want to figure this out.  Help!

I would suspect that the orange juice did not act fast enough and 
that your liver kicked in and dumped because you continued to get low 
in the short term. OJ contains complex sugars that must be digested 
to be absorbed. Consequently, the carbs in the OJ were not available 
to you quickly, and probably began to enter your bloodstream about 
the same time as your liver kicked in. Straight 100%, all american 
glucose is the fastest way to treat a low bg according to our endo. 
Nothing works better of faster.
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