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Re: [IP] sil site degradation in three days

> well, despite velosulin/humalog mix...geneva is still having to
> change out on her third day.  yesterday she was 500 when we checked
> before going to a football dinner.  with pizza and cake with
> frosting!  we thought the high number was from our flu shots that
> afternoon.  nope...it was the site.  as soon as she changed
> out...she came down.
I suggest you try straight Velosulin for a couple of weeks. If that 
solves the problem then Geneva probably has an allergy to something 
in the Humalog that will only get worse. The other possibility is 
that the SofSets are too long for her and are constantly irritating 
the muscle below the SofSet which in turn would cause the body to 
reject the set sooner. To check this you could switch to either the 
Micro or Sils. I'm sure you can get samples to try this for a couple 
of set changes. My daughter likes the Sils a lot and says they are 
more comfortable for her. They are not as easy to insert (the 
sofserter is very cool), but the trade off for Lily is less tape, 
more comfort, etc...
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