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Re: [IP] Frozen Shoulder

> Sam,
> What exercises are used to help alleviate frozen shoulder??
> george

I wouldn't exactly call them exercises. The procedure is to heat the 
joint, then to attempt to FULLY rotate the joint, flex it, etc... 
then apply ice. In additon you undertake exercises to strengthen the 
muscles surrounding and supporting the joint. In my case one nice 
lady held me down ( pinned the shoulder) while the other (yes 2 of 
them) would hold the elbow steady and push my hand backwards above my 
head until the joint made noise or I made too much noise. For me.... 
this went on for about 18 months. I went from 20% mobility to 95% 
mobility and have stayed there for the last 5 years. hmmm....  and I 
don't have diabetes. The other shoulder tightened up as well, but it 
healed spontaneously.

You can help things by doing small weight lifts, wall pushes, pulley 
weight exercises, and hyperextending the joint (use the top of a door 
jam). That might work, otherwise it's PT as described above.
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