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Re: [IP] cookbook software for counting carbs

In a message dated 11/8/99 10:50:54 AM Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< Mastercook Light by Sierra also has the computations and
 is a little lighter on the wallet.  I think I got the software
 for about $30.  You can also store your recipes in there and 
 refer back.  It comes with a lot of recipes also, with the nutritional
 information all figured out. >>
Sherry and others:
Just a word of caution about the Sierra Home series--I bought their 
MasterCook Cooking Light program last year thinking I would not have to save 
my Cooking Light magazines.  While preparing an item, I had to go back to the 
magazine to find something and noticed that the nutritional information was 
different in the magazine from the nutritional information found on the 
computer program.  I wrote to Cooking Light and was told that the info in the 
magazine is the correct information--that the database for the software is 
limited, so when an ingredient isn't in their database, it is counted as 
-0-!!!  Scary thought since we all depend on those carb counts so much.  I 
still use the recipes from the program, but look them up in my old magazines 
to confirm the nutritional information. 

It's a great program, but you need to be careful--if something doesn't look 
right, it may not be!
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