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[IP] Re: bolusing for snacks

Hi folks,

When Erica started her pump therapy, they told me that she didn't have
to bolus for her snacks.  That is how they taught the few kids who had
been put on prior to Erica.  I informed them that we WERE bolusing for
every carb that went in her mouth and although they didn't agree with
it, they supported us.  (Besides, I had studied the Insulin Pumpers for
a year and felt comfortable with my decision)  Their worry was that the
constant testing of blood sugars might become obsessive for some kids.
Erica does not test for her recess at school unless she doesn't feel
right.  Her sugars are terrific at lunchtime, so no harm done.

Erica's A1c's have been good, without too many hypos, and bolusing with
each meal and snack.  She would be all messed up without doing so.

Barb....Erica's mom

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