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Teresa and imsmc,
    I have also done this type of "weight loss program."  I used it for 9
years and am paying dearly for having done so.  Using DKA as a form of
weight loss is actually classified as being bulimic.  You are purging your
intake (large or minimal) by dehydrating yourself.  Worked great--except
that I now have gastroparesis that I have to take medications for probably
for the rest of my life.  And I'm only a few years older than you two.
Imsmc, if you are still doing this--seek professional help for your eating
disorder.  It is very necessary to have the professional help since your
choice of weight loss causes so many physical problems.  Yes, you do get
used to the highs enough that you feel "better" when your sugars are high.
You can actually program your body to believe that it is okay to function at
that level.  But, as I am sure you have seen happen to you, the highs do get
out of control enough that you have to seek medical attention to get them
back to a level you can handle.  I have not used DKA for 1 almost 10 years
now.  And I do feel better now at a lower level.  In the past, I functioned
better at 300 and could still function okay at over 600.  But, now, I go
over 450 and begin throwing up.  Feeling good requires no more than 200 now.
Please get help so you can stop ruining your body.  It will catch up with
you eventually and it isn't nice when it does.

Don't even CONSIDER it!!!!!  It is not even an option.  Or at best it is an
option only for committing slow suicide.  There are better ways to lose
weight if you feel you need to.  Take a look at reading some books on body
images.  Yours is probably a little off if you have even considered this.

Good luck to both of you.

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