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[IP] Naming you pump

This recent discussion of multiple pumps for disitronics people has me 

For those of us who have been on multiple pumps over the years (I think I'm up 
to fifteen or twenty if I count all of the 'fix it' pumps I've gotten over the 
years): do we qualify as polygamists or as wife dumpers??  I still have a 506 
and a 507 'on the shelf' (in case of failure) so I haven't really 'dumped' 
them (507 is still a VERY nice pump).

By the way: what is the deal with sending these pumps to someone for 'recycle' 
(i.e. sending to Insulin Pumpers for others to use them?)  Has this been 
fleshed out yet?

As it goes: first stuffed animal who wore a pump as far as I know was my 
sisters sesame street doll (with attachable eyes and ears and nose so one 
could make look like anyone or anything).  I had a name for him but lost it 
somewhere in memory (although the puppet showed up again a few years ago and I 
remembered it then, so with a little cleanup I might recover it).


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