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[IP] Thyroid

Ruth Schneider wrote:
> it said that women over the age of 40 are very susceptible to it.   
> geneva's endo routinely feels her thyroid as this is the first thing that
> crops up after dx in many peds cases.  geneva was dx'd with hypothyroidism
> after a year of being dx'd.

Mine started when I was about 30 (which is when my thyroid started to
enlarge), but I went for many years undiagnosed. Apparently, it
progressed very slowly, because it didn't really start to bother me
until I was in my 40's. And it wasn't conclusively diagnosed until this

 I don't like the assumption that it is connected to menopause, because
in my case, it clearly isn't -- I didn't start being perimenopausal
until I was 47 or so, and 17 years is too long to be connected to

So it looks like if (and this is a big if!) my diabetes is autoimmune,
it's going as slowly as my thyroid went -- good thing, too!!  :)


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