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In a message dated 11/8/99 1:13:54 AM Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< I have never done that to my body biut have always thought it was be easy 
 loose weight that way.
 Never would think of doing it?
 ----------------------------------------------- >>
I experienced an episode of ketoacidosis a few years ago when my pump tubing 
got a hole in it and the insulin was leaking out.  The first few hours I felt 
like I was getting the flu-------couldn't eat------laid down and took a nap.  
When I woke a little while later------I felt like I was on fire inside.  It 
was awful-------told my husband I thought I was going to die, and to get me 
to the ER immediately.   My blood sugar was not extremely high, only about 
270, but I had large amounts of ketones in my urine.  
In my opinion---------THIS IS A NOT A GOOD WAY TO LOSE WEIGHT!!!!!!!!!!
In addition, my electrolytes were out of whack, which causes leg cramps, and 
ultimately, with significant fluid loss you may experience stroke, and/or 
organ shutdown.  You all figure it out--------is it work it to lose weight?  
(Maybe if you want to be thin in your casket???)   Dianne
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