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[IP] Orange juice?

Hi everyone--I have learned a lot from this list so I'm going to ask this 
question that Gossamer (my pump) & I are struggling with--I usually take 
glucose tablets when I have an insulin reaction, but sometimes I don't have 
any or just don't feel like chewing on one of those so I'll have orange 
juice.  But the OJ seems to make my blood sugar go very high--anyone else 
have any experience with this?  One example, on Saturday I had a 31 at 
approx. 10 a.m. and had about 4 oz. of OJ (my usual amt. for an insulin 
reaction).  An hour later I was 221.  This kind of spike in my blood sugars 
seems to happen a lot when I use OJ--but I like it and want to figure this 
out.  Help!

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