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Re: [IP] Re: Anemic?


yes everything comes back with medication for thyroid disorders!

but it takes a long time.  I was not dx'd with hypothyroidism until I ended
up in the hospital with bacterial pneumonia and they did the blood work up.
in bad shape.  in hospital for ten days.  my immune system had completely
shut down and I am lucky to be here today!

I think I started  to feel normal again after about a year of being on
synthroid.  while I was recuperating,  I went to library to look up thyroid
problems and
read an interesting book called "hypothyroidism, the undiagnosed illness".

it said that women over the age of 40 are very susceptible to it.   doctors
don't often treat or dx it because the symptoms are so similar to
pre-menopause conditions.  this is what I thought.  here i am just turning
40 and all of a sudden I am tired,  having weird periods, etc.   I actually
had blood workup at my annual physical  and it came back that I was anemic
and my alkaline phosphatase  (god forbid if I get this right)...was
abnormal.  the doctor...female no less...was about to do a hysterectomy!
(terrible periods and such)   she wanted me to go on iron supplements before
doing surgery to get my anemia under control.  then  I ended up in the
hospital.  ( I also got strep throat which I had never had in my life)

anyway..did not mean to ramble about this...but with all of the 'posters'
with IDDM or DM....one cannot stress too much the importance of considering
a thyroid condition when symptoms arise... as it is autoimmune.

geneva's endo routinely feels her thyroid as this is the first thing that
crops up after dx in many peds cases.  geneva was dx'd with hypothyroidism
after a year of being dx'd.

my husband, myself and geneva are ALL on thyroid meds.  husband dx'd after
an auto accident and they did a routine blood workup!  he had no clue

ruth...mom to IDDMer and one with many autoimmune disorders in her family.

oh...and I have "raynaud's syndrome"   also!  autoimmune...

> > when my thyroid stopped working ...one of the first symptoms (clinical)
> > me was anemia.  then the other symptoms came SLOOOWLY!  :   lethargy,
> > facial puffiness/weight gain,  cessation of sweating,  no hair growth
> > arms/legs,  head hair falling out,  wacko periods that lasted two -
> > weeks.
> I always thought the symptoms were a result of aging!
> Does that mean the hair will come back with hormone replacement??

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