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[IP] Husband lost job

Thanks to all of you who responded to my earlier post. It's wonderful to
receive all the support and encouragement from my fellow IP'ers.  I plan
to send my husband back to his former employer first thing in the AM to
push the COBRA issue.  Maybe they didn't think he would make an issue
out of this.  They don't realize who they are messing with here, and I
plan to show them.: (  I also intend to call the insurance company in
the AM and attempt to get them to help me in contacting the right person
for the COBRA plan. If I get nowhere with the first two plans I will for
sure report them to the insurance commissioners office.  I encouraged my
my husband to return to the dept. of labor to complain.  He already has
had to complain about the reason for his separation greatly differing on
paper from what he was verbally told.  I guess the old employer is going
to be sick of him before this is all over.  The bad thing is we live in
a small town where the employer is a local good old boy. ( we are in the
south!)  Anyway thanks to all that offered supplies  I hope my last
shipment from Secure Health, comes tom.  I will keep a list of those who
offered though, just in case my husband is unemployed longer than we
hope. Sheila

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