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At 06:19 PM 11/7/1999  imsmc:"First imsmc:Last" wrote:
 >Does insulin have an effect of making someone feel
 >more "on edge"? Or is it a psychological thing? If anyone has any ideas
 >to share about this PLEASE write to me or post them on this board. This
 >is something I have been wondering about for years.

I find that I feel out of sorts both when I'm too high or too low. I 
actually tend to be much crankier when I'm high. I know everyone is 
different... but it might also have to do with what your body is used to. 
If you are under good control for a long period of time and your system has 
gotten used to being within that range, then you'll feel bad when outside 
those levels. That's just my idea, not based on anything scientific, and I 
have no idea what your normal BG ranges are.


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