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Re: [IP] Did you have to do all this STUFF before pumping? Im MAD!!!

For one thing, she told me I would no longer bolus for snacks,
>only for meals. Anyone else found this to be true?
>David Dougherty


I make no claims to being an expert (only an EXTREMELY happy pumper who was
"up & running" ten days after the endo visit in which I said "Okay, let's do
this!"), but that sounds odd to me.  The whole idea (at least, the way I see
it) is that with the bolusing, you have an even more accurate way, with the
smaller & more precise increments, of giving the right amount of insulin to
correspond with food, be it meals or snacks.  The only way you would NOT
bolus for snacks would be to set up your basal to the specific amount needed
for a snack of "X" carbos at at a specific time, & then make sure that you
had that snack (with "X" carbos) at that time...isn't this kind of
scheduling trap the kind of thing most of us have known for years on MDI?!
Maybe I'm presuming here, but it sounds like the doc is very confused about
the practical nature of how this works.  Question, question, question...&
make sure you get answers that make sense & satisfy you!


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