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Re: [IP] Diabetic or Not?- Amenic?


when my thyroid stopped working ...one of the first symptoms (clinical) for
me was anemia.  then the other symptoms came SLOOOWLY!  :   lethargy,
facial puffiness/weight gain,  cessation of sweating,  no hair growth under
arms/legs,  head hair falling out,  wacko periods that lasted two - three

if she is experiencing any of these symptoms, I would consider having her
thyroid function tested.  thyroid conditions are auto-immune and often not
detected until late in life.  (my condition appeared at age 40).  diabetes
occurs often in families with autoimmune disorders such as thyroid


> There is anemia of chronic disease..does your mom have rheumatoid
> arthritis? or any other auto-immune diseases?
> Ginny

> >Speaking of (my mom)- does anyone know of any connection between anemia &
> >diabetes, or have experience with the way one might affect the other

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