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[IP] Lin vers

email @ redacted wrote:
>  I don't know if anyone uses just Regular anymore. >>

Humalog is regular insulin.  SO is Velosulin, so is Humalin R.  Humalog 
Regular insuin (aka as ROCKET fuel) just gets to work QUICKER than REGULAR 

I, for one, use straight Velosulin in my pump.  Velosulin is REGULAR insulin 
with some "buffering" agent that supposedly, at one time, prevented it from 
crystalizing in the tubing.  As the plastics industry improved, it is no 
longer necessary to use "special" regular insulin such as Velosulin in the 
pump - either that, or they added something to all regular insulins so they 
can ALL be used with the pump.  The main difference is the speed with which 
they have an affect on your bg.  I happen to have a rapid reaction to 
Velosulin and see no need to get the more expensive insulin (Humalog) which 
according to everyone on the list, makes the sites not last as long - and 
like I want to be aggravated by figuring out some ratio.

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