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Re: [IP] Diabetic or Not?- Amenic?

>> I have also heard speculation that there's a "type 1.5" for people who
>>  diagnosed in their '30s.
>That's what my doctor has called me, because I was diagnosed at 37, not
>overweight, and no family history.

Same here- dxed at 21 as "Type 1 1/2" & treated with oral meds for a while,
then on to injections when that just wasn't cutting it.  Right now I'm in an
"identification struggle" of sorts with my mother's doctor over HER
type...since according to him she is Type 2, he will not consider putting
her on insulin...since her BG's have been really erratic & no amount of
pills seem to have much effect, I've really been applying pressure to have
her see someone who is more openminded about treatment options.

Speaking of (my mom)- does anyone know of any connection between anemia &
diabetes, or have experience with the way one might affect the other?  We
just spent the day at the hospital because she had a low blood count & had
to have a transfusion, & were wondering about any relationship between the


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