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Re: [IP] pump candidate

Eric -

I have had diabetes for 35 years.  My best A1C was 4.2 (too low) .  My best
A1C after the pump was 6.8 - I was thrilled!  My endo told me - now if I
could just bring my other patient down from 9.5 - he said "no matter what I
try, she's still 9.5!"  You are 6.3?  What are you trying for???????  For
me, that's an amazing number!  You go and try to do better, but I would say
to you, getting a pump to do what?  But, then, I am greedy - I want to live
a normal lifespan, as I'm sure you do too!  Still, I couldn't complain about
6.3 if i stayed up all night to think!   Good luck!   Jane

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