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    I have tried to answer your questions throughout your letter.  Thanks for all the info and support. 
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From: David Winegarden <email @ redacted>
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Sent: Wednesday, November 03, 1999 3:48 AM
Subject: Re:direct to lexie only[IP] Starting my pump tomorrow.

> Marcie Dutton,
> Congratulations for getting your second (first was profile)
> message posted on the Insulin-Pumpers list
> http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/cgi/archives/mail-insulin-pumpers/Nov1999/msg00352.html
> I think Brian Carter could give you appropriate instructions
> for settings of MS Outlook Express, and additionally, he is
> another of us Disetronic pumpers on the list.
> I will be gone for 5 days, should be finding things to
> pack, sleep some before work, then my 3pm PST airplane.
> Going to Madison Wisconsin to meet all my brothers and be
> with our aunt at her friend's memorial service Thursday.
Did you have a nice time?  I hope so.

> Sideshow, I am just curious about your WebMD posting
> http://my.webmd.com/roundtable_message/354329
> >authorization number for my pump and 21 inserts.
> Does "insert" mean ONE infusion set?, or maybe that
> >I am covered until April, 2000.
> is 21 weeks away (?)
so they give you exactly 21
> pump-syringes (Disetronic "cartridge") to put your
> insulin in? Those are supplied in packages of 25,
> Plastic = part number 300.0421 ,easier to de-bubble than
> Glass (original, before plastic came out) = pn 300.0419
> So they are actually going to OPEN UP a package and
> take 4 away "from" you ?
I know splitting a box may sound a little extreme, but Medicaid does just exactly that in many instances.  I wouldn't put it past them.  Anyway, the provider I get supplies from is also a pumper and sent enough supplies to cover a 6 month period plus a few extras just in case I need them.  Now that I have gone through all the isntructions with my CDE and had the pump right there to see what everything meant, I understand terminology and such much better.  I shouldn't sound so stupid anymore.
> Which infusion set(s) do you have the opportunity to try?
> Or have "chosen", without having experienced any yet?
I am using the quick release with the metal needle.  No, I did not choose them--this is the one Medicaid will pay for.  If I want to use the Tender, I have to pay the difference in cost.  Not a real problem, but since I have actually only been using the pump 4 days, I figure I will stay put with what I know I can deal with inserting.  Needles are a major problem for me and have been all my life, so when I find something that i can do without nausea or fainting, I stay put until I get used to it and then can explore other sets.

> Are you getting only ONE Disetronic H-Tron V100 Plus ?
> or actually the proper full "set of TWO" as issued by mfr?
I was given a form to fill out and send to Disetronic to initiate my warranty and tell them where to send the second pump.  I am sending it out tomorrow.

> Sounds that you start insulin via pump on Wednesday Nov 3?
> There is controversy over whether to start pumping
> with insulin or with saline "do nothing fluid".
> Have you had opportunity to see a copy of the book
> Pumping Insulin ? Has your CDE ?
Is this book available at regular bookstores?  We don't have many of those in this little town of ours.  I will see if I can get it and read it.  More information is always beneficial to security and health.

> You have, I hope, made some plans for how to carry pump?
> Division of opinion in the community over wearing it
> at waistband "outside", which must be moved up at toilet,
> or carrying on upper-body, such as hung from or stuck in
> woman's bra, some guys I know use a custom leather holster.
> Nightwear could be inside-out mens' pajama top, pocket
> inside on right side, whether that is comfortable for
> a woman depends on her. Special-purpose for pump-carrying
> clothing items are unreasonably expensive $18+ for
> T-shirt with pocket with slot in back, vs $6~ (if you had
> to buy a new one) to do just 10 minutes' sewing work on.
I was given a couple of cases to use that seem to help with day and night comfortably.  In fact, today I went to church and had to wear a dress and nylons for the first time since I started.  I tried out a couple of ideas to hold the pump, but finally decided that putting it on my bra under my arm and using the case that clips to my waistband worked great.  It is small enough that it isn't bulky and since I don't wear tight dresses or sleeveless dresses that would allow it to show, I don't have to worry about that at all.  I may make or buy some other forms of carrying it in the future, but right now I am fine with what I have.

> Other things, you mention gastroparesis, suggest you
> write Dianne DeMink email @ redacted , that is a
> new email-address for her; she's older than me, I'm only
> a little longer-diagnosed than your age. She&I have
> written some, so mention that I suggested your contact.
> (DDM is also a Disetronic user)
Thanks for the address.  I will mention you when I write.  Have been a little bit behind in my posting and replying this last while, but am hoping that I will be caught up in school by the end of next week and will be able to do better in these areas.

> For both of you women, the idea of "brittle"
> I've read/heard described as "simply"(?)
> too much insulin at the wrong times
> Pumping it should allow you to escape that fate.
> Have you ever heard that line somewhere?
No, but I have heard that in England they have done a study on diabetes and published their findings in a medical journal.  Decision:  that there is no such thing as a brittle diabetic.  They are only people who have mental problems and don't do what they should to take care of themselves becaue of those problems.  Ha!!!!

> If there are any of the supplies, either Disetronic
> parts, infusion sets, which meter do you use strips of?  I use Fast Take.
> Humalog or,
> a few vials of "old, but it still works" VelosulinBR
> which your provider doesn't already provide for you?  I have been able to get the Humalog for about 5 years now through my insurance company.  That is what I use in my pump.
> I (and also some others on list) could send some to you
> if you need supply-help.  Thanks for the offer.  I am fortunate enough to have insurance right now that covers these expenses.  But.........if this pump does as well for me as it has the last four days, I may not be on disability for too much longer.  I won't miss it one bit, except that I am able to work on and finish my schooling with disability income to pay some of the bills.  We''ll see what happens.
> David C. Winegarden
> Fremont, CA
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