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Re: [IP] pump candidate

  My last HbA1C was 6.3.  I use NPH and Humalog and take 3
>shots/day...I like the flexibility of the pump but am not looking forward 
>to the possiblility of ketoacidosis.  Is the pump beneficial for someone 
>with >HbA1c's around 6.0.

  Hi! I have been pumping for two months with a MM 507c.  I was only 
diagnosed 6 months ago --my A1c in the hospital was above 17 :( and after 
three months on MDI (two shots humalog and 2 shots NPH a day, I brought my 
A1c down to a 6.3   My doctor told me that it may not get any better, but I 
think it will because my control has improved even over what it was before.  
Besides, the freedom is worth everything.  I would not be overly concerned 
about DKA with a pump--yes, it is a possibility, but a very small one as 
long as you are careful.  I have not had any problems.

>The two different pumps I am looking at are Minimed 508 and the Disetronic 
> >H-TRON plus V100.  I'm looking for information on what it feels like to 
>wear >this thing all the time.  I am a little worried about sports. Would 
>the cannula/site be in any danger if I were to fall on it while diving 
> >into the sand.  With that, I am also looking for info on how long the 
>pump  >can be left unattached.

  I have a minimed and am very happy with it.  No problems whatsoever and 
the MM people have been helpful.  Also, my doctor was more comfortable with 
them.  But both are great!! They are both pumps and both do the job well.  
As for wearing it all the time . . .you've probably heard this from others 
but I really don't notice it anymore after only 2 months.  Does it 
occasionally bang against something or get caught on something? Yes, but 
it's not a big deal.  so far I've had 83 people ask why I have a beeper, but 
I wear it clipped to my pocket because I got tired of using the little cases 
after the first week.  Too much trouble to open and close!! :)  I doubt the 
site would be in danger during sports if you disconnect -- make sure you 
cover the silouette with the cap so it doesn't get sandy.  And if you want 
to be sure, just put some extra tape down to hold it in place.  I have been 
unattached for about 4 hours before -- this was during and for several hours 
after strenous exercise.  When I'm not exercising, I can go about 45 minutes 
without making up for lost insulin.  Otherwise, I bolus for the missed 

  I would highly recommend a pump -- it really doesn't matter whether your 
A1c stays at 6.3 or goes down.  It gives you much better control and keeps 
you healthier regardless of miniscule A1c changes.  Good luck!! --Gianna

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