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[IP] pump candidate

Hi Everyone,

I have just recently joined this site and am looking into purchasing an
insulin pump.  I have had diabetes since 10/12/96 and have done pretty well
with it.  My last HbA1C was 6.3.  I use NPH and Humalog and take 3
shots/day.  I have read a lot of stories about the pump drastically
improving a diabetic's blood sugars but most of the diabetics had a HbA1C
near 8.0.  I like the flexibility of the pump but am not looking forward to
the possiblility of ketoacidosis.  Is the pump beneficial for someone with
HbA1c's around 6.0.  Has there been cases where someone with around 6.0 for
a HbA1C has seen a lower HbA1C after going on the pump?

The two different pumps I am looking at are Minimed 508 and the Disetronic
H-TRON plus V100.  I'm looking for information on what it feels like to wear
this thing all the time.  I am a little worried about sports.  One sport in
particular would be sand volleyball.  I would probably purchase the
Silhouttte for an infusion set and would disconnect when playing volleyball.
Would the cannula/site be in any danger if I were to fall on it while diving
into the sand.  With that, I am also looking for info on how long the pump
can be left unattached.  Any other info would be a plus too.

Thanks & Have a great day!!


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