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[IP] Regular insulin vs. Lispro

I have a question regarding the types of insulin used in the pump.

I have been on an insulin pump for 3 yrs. using Regular insulin.  My 
endocrinologist has been talking to me about switching to the Lispro 
(probably has other brand names?(super fast acting insulin)).  Could someone 
please let me know about their experiences with this type of insulin?

I am extremely insulin sensitive (.2 units can bring a 300 b/s down to 100) 
and I always bolus after I eat to ensure I eat enough and don't go too low.  
My concern with Lispro is that it would bring my bloodsugar down too quickly 
after eating and I would have too force myself too eat more to bring my sugar 
back up (I also have problems with nausea).  I know it would be helpful in 
bringing highs down more quickly.  I appreciate any feedback.

Thank You,  Linda
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