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Re: [IP] Halloween candy

>     We are having a hard time with Halloween candy
> also. Karen eats something, we bolus accordingly and a
> few hours later she is 300. I wonder if it would be
> better to limit the candy to be eaten only with meals.
> I'm thinking that might slow down the absorption of
> sugar and not cause such a spike in blood sugar

I think this might be the answer.  geneva usually eats the candy (chocolate
stuff) in mid afternoon or right before bedtime...NOT GOOD!

I insisted last night that she only eat a sugar treat...like sweet tarts
....before bed.  and her levels were ok.  197 at 9:30  (bedtime)  and then
at 11:30 only 223.  but then at 2:30 am she had plummeted down to 111 and
was 66 at 5 am!  I am still messing with the 1 am - 3/4 am slot.

>     You said this Halloween stuff has you in a BAD
> MOOD. I just can't picture you in a bad mood.

well this candy has done it!!!
I did get geneva to sell me half of the junk for $5!  she is real happy with
her new pokemon cards!  right now there is very little candy left.  I keep
taking some out and putting it in a spare bag which I am going to give to
the teachers at school or something.

>     Karen has been pumping for 3 months now. Just this
> week I feel like we're getting the hang of it, >

that is terrific, marie!  we are better too, I think.  although if you read
my post this am about site degradation,  we still have to change out after
the third day.  despite the V/H mix.  yesterday she got up to 500 before we
decided to do a site change.

now, if I can only get her to try the sils.  I had MM send me some samples
which I told her I would do with her.  I think she might like it better.
she is still traumatized by the time when the introducer needle did NOT come
out !

thanks for support1
mom to a new pokemon fan at age 10
pumping for 4 months

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