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Re: [IP] Research Paper


I've just been pumping (minmed 507c) for 2 months.  When your age, I
wouldn't have even considered the pump. I voiced the typical reasons for
this whether they were true or not. (1) I didn't want to be "attached" to
something.  (2)  The shots weren't the problem, it was the diet.  (3) My
control was O.K. (not really) on shots - why fix it if it isn't broke.  (4)
Complications only happened to people who had diabetes before purified
insulin and blood glucose monitoring.

I didn't come out of my denial, until meeting the woman I would later marry.
Sometimes it takes knowing how important you are to someone else to find the
motivation to change your health habbits.  Soon after becoming engaged,
despite getting my A1Cs down to 6 (from 8-10), I started having
microalbuminuria that progressed to macroalbuminuria.  Additionally, my mild
non proliferative retinopathy worsened over the next few years where I
needed lasar surgery.

On top of all this, I was rejected for a life insurance policy.  Its a
humbling feeling, while still in your 20s, to find yourself facing the
reality of your own mortality.  I'd had diabetes for over ten years, but
despite the occassional low or the symptoms of high blood sugars it never
affected my overall health.  Suddenly, I realized if things did not change,
I would possibly be leaving this world while still a young man (40s-60s) and
the quality of my life would be greatly decreasing.  How could I do that to
a woman whom just committed to spending her entire life with me?  Didn't she
deserve that to be a long, happy healthy life?

Along with the low A1Cs on multiple injections came several severe lows,
including a couple seizures.  During this time, the two of us were
discussing having children.  How could I bring a child into this world when
he/she would have to face losing his father at a young age?  Again, denial
became strong and I convinced myself that the low A1Cs would eventually work
and my complications would halt.  My wife became pregant.

On the day my son was born, upon seeing him for the first time, I made the
decision.  Here was a human being whom I helped bring into the world.  He is
my and my wife's responsibility.  No longer was I just living for myself,
but for two other people.

Four months later, I was pumping.  I'm amazed at how stable my blood sugars
are.  Almost gone are the constant peeks and lows.  When I read that members
on this list have been on pumps for so many years, or near the beginning of
their lives with DM I'm awed.  I cannot believe how much my denial has hurt
me.  The teens especially, should all be commended on their decision to put
their health above other issues (like body image).  I only wish I had been
mature as all of you are.

Sorry for the long winded reply.  Good luck with your paper.

30 years old
DM x 15 years
Minimed 507c x 2 months
Corpus Christi, Texas (hopefull soon moving back to New England)

Eric M. Goodman MSN CPNP
visit the Virtual PNP @http://home.earthlink.net/~emgoodman/virtualpnp.htm

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Subject: [IP] Research Paper

> I am a junior at Auburn University, and have been
> using an insulin pump for about 9 months now; and I
> love it. I am writing a research paper about the pros
> and cons of an insulin pump for Type I diabetics, and
> what different age groups think about it. I would
> appreciate feedback regarding this. In responses,
> please include your age, the city you live in, and how
> long you have had a pump. Also, please include the
> reason(s) that you started using one. If you do not
> have an insulin pump, please tell me why you haven't
> started; whether it be that your endo doesn't promote
> them, or insurance is a problem, or you don't want to,
> etc.  I would greatly appreciate this information, and
> your names and email addresses will not be used my
> paper.
> Thanks SO much!
> Leanna Crotty
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