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Re: Teens & Pumps (was)Re: [IP] Pumping since 9/28- Thanks!!

In a message dated 11/07/1999 9:28:08 AM Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< I'm printing this out for my 16 yr old daughter to take to 
 her Teen Support Group tonight.....So far, we've got 27 RSVPs!!!!...about 
 of the teens coming are on pumps too!...I would love to be the proverbial 
 "fly on the wall", but we parents are "personna non grata", so I'm escorting 
 them to a local restaurant where we can talk about our kids, while they talk 
 about US!! LOL...Seriously, I am THRILLED & can't imagine that any one of 
 them will walk out of this initial session NOT feeling better about having 
 met so many other teens grappling with the same issues! >>

I wish there was s teen support group here in the area I live in. ALthough my 
son is now 20 (diagnosed at 19) I believe some of the reason he isn't on the 
pump yet (even though we have it) is because there really is no support here 
or I can't find it. I'm hoping with this new pediatric needle will work for 
him and he is willing to try again next month when college has a break. 
Thanks for all your support.


How proud you must be of your Josh. Tell him congrats from me.

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