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[IP] Halloween candy

    We are having a hard time with Halloween candy
also. Karen eats something, we bolus accordingly and a
few hours later she is 300. I wonder if it would be
better to limit the candy to be eaten only with meals.
I'm thinking that might slow down the absorption of
sugar and not cause such a spike in blood sugar(?). I
liked the posts last week about the Halloween fairy
visiting and being generous with the $ left behind. We
might do that because Karen still has an entire
shoebox full!
    You said this Halloween stuff has you in a BAD
MOOD. I just can't picture you in a bad mood. You have
been so patient and so diligent in trying to do
everything you can for Geneva. You are doing a great
    Karen has been pumping for 3 months now. Just this
week I feel like we're getting the hang of it, things
have smoothed out, her numbers are great(at least for
the last 48 hours they have been), the infusion sets
aren't falling out, and even her growth spurts have
slowed down. Go pumping!    Marie


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