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[IP] Pumping since 9/28- Thanks!!

Josh, my 16 year old son, has been pumping now since 9/28.  Because of this 
list I knew that the pump was not a miracle and you can't just 'set it and 
forget it.'  I warned  Josh that it would take time and patience to get his 
basals and boluses worked out.  Well, for the last three weeks his blood 
sugars have been wonderful and  he is doing a great job of troubleshooting 
the pump.  Once his blood sugars were higher than normal (since on the pump) 
and he noticed bubbles in the tubing.  Changed the entire set and voila! 
normal blood sugars again.  Another time he had used a site he had never used 
and I guess absorption was not as good...high blood sugars- changed the site 
and back to normal again.  He loves sleeping late and waking up with great 
numbers, and the occasional treat (Frostys and Blizzards).  The Humalog/ 
Velosulin mix has worked like a charm, too.  Josh's sites last up to 4 days 
without a problem (he hasn't tried to go longer than that).  Thanks for all 
your help and support!!  This is great- I only wish he could have had the 
eight years since he was diagnosed.
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