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[IP] Easy Fantasticly Good Log Records

Many people are complaining about the difficulty of getting physicians to realize how much thier BS levels veryand why they need to be on a pump.
    There are several brands of meters with software that can down load meters GS records and produce very organized and readable  printed reports.  I  have presented my print outs to 6 differt MD specialists and 3 CDE's.  Everyone of them has requested to copy them to put in my charts.  I explain " No these are copies that I brought for you to put in my records.  Next appointment I will bring you new up dates."  The Summary of the Diabetic-Pumpers records from this sight could also be an additional authority that they will not be able to dispute.  Circle the improvements in the A1C levels and request that record also be added to your chart.  The reports also show me exactly where I am having problems.
    Lifescan One Touch Profile & Fast Take meters from J & J work on the same software.  Check at http://www.LifeScan.Com. The program can handle a # of different patients records at the same time.
    Diabetes Wellness Program mail to http://www.diadeteswell.com of Joe Pendergast MD is giving Fast Take meters and some kind of software for free with their program.  Check it out.
Charles S....