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[IP] Re: on getting a pump

    I know what you mean about a doctor refusing the idea of a pump meaning that maybe they are just ignorant about the pump.  My internist said the same thing to me when I talked with him about getting a pump.  ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!  I was too unpredictable to be a good candidate.  Having insulin going into my system 24 hours a day would only make the number of lows I have increase because "it was all the time 24 hours a day."  I had more control with injections because then I could determine when to take the insulin and when not to, not have a machine determine that.  This all made sense to me, in a "logical" sort of way, until I began talking to pumpers and doctors and nurses that have direct experience with pumps.  When my doc refused to write the letter to my insurance company, he said that maybe the endo that comes down once a month would give me the recommendation.  I really struggled with going to the endo though.  I had a difficult time finding the doctor that I have and didn't want to ruin the relationship with someone on whom I would be relying for every other medical treatment.  But, finally I realized that we are always told to get a second opinion in major medical decisions, so I did.  My endo told my doctor that he had to over-rule him because he felt the pump was my only chance.  During the 8 weeks it took to get the approval for the pump, I went from 1 paramedic visit a week to 3-4 a week.  Finally, I calle dthe insurance company and explained that if they didn't hurry with the approval, I would be too dead to use the pump when it came.  (not joking either)  I was approved the next day and started my pump the next week.  My doctor and I ahve gotten past the whole thing and after his visit with the endo, he asked if I would let him learn about the pump along with me.  So, if the doctor says "No!", find someone else who says "Yes!"  It is worth any amount of hassle you have.  Good luck and keep after your pump.  It's like getting the brass ring on the carousel.  Really!