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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V3 #634

In response to the lady whose doctor ordered her pump removed:  You can 
always refuse medical treatment.  My mother, a diabetic for 21 years, has 
suffered from non-diabetes related illnesses this past year.  She has been 
hospitalized and in nursing facilities that have no knowledge of insulin 
usage, and has not been given proper insulin therapy (even after I - my 
mother's primary caregiver and a diabetic for 32 years- and my brother - a 
diabeteic for 45 years- have tried to educate them).  Do not rely upon your 
endocrinologist or your internal medicine doctor!  Get a sense of what should 
happen and test, test, test.  You are in control!  You know your body!  You 
know what foods will make your glucose levels high and what will make them 
low.  Just make sure you test, test, test and make notes.  If you can't 
straighten your readings, ask for help, but question, question, question.  If 
you feel you know what's right and you are given contradictory messages.  
your glucose readings, written in a book, will give you ammunition for your 
doctor.  But remember:  YOU CAN REFUSE MEDICAL TREATMENT!   But you must 
test, test, test, and record the results.
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