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Re: [IP] Research Paper


I am writing for my daughter, Stephanie, who had had IDDM for about 15
months (dx 8/98).  She was diagnosed a month after her 7th birthday and is
8 now.  We live in Scottsdale, AZ.  Today is her first day pumping insulin
with her new MM508 pump!  We chose a pump so we could achieve better
control of her numbers (after seeing Patch Adams this summer...where they
show the diabetic patient at the beginning who may have to have her leg
amputated due to diabetes complications...she does not like to be high!).
She has been on the BG rollercoaster since summer!  She also loves
theater...she performs in plays quite often throughout the year.  The
flexibility the pump offers (no schedule, required snack/shot times,etc.)
will be a big benefit when she is performing/rehearsing!  Our insurance
only paid for $3,000 of the cost of the pump, but we felt the investment we
had to make is worth it in the long run!

Laurie, mom to Stephanie (pumping 1 day!)

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