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Re: [IP] GlucoWatch hearing

Hi Sonia,

It's a good device, I guess, but recently I listened to its inventor give a 
presentation about it to a mechanical engineering class here at the U of 
Minnesota. I was disappointed somewhat, I guess.

He was very frank that the Glucowatch, as we will first see it, is the 
"model T" of such a product. If you wear it during exercise, it will shut 
off due to the sweat. It cannot distinguish between the excess glucose 
secreted in sweat vs. non sweat. It takes 3 hours (yes, you read that right; 
it's not a typo) 3 HOURS to calibrate!!! Who has that kind of time?

Plus, it's very, large. For me, I felt by looking at it that I would not 
want a Glucowatch and a pump hanging off of me. But it may do the trick for 
others. I understand it's particularly useful for people who have 
hypoglycemic-unawareness because it beeps as you get low. That's indeed very 


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