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[IP] All the stuff you have to do before pumping!!

Wow, I am going to see my endo in about 10 days about getting a pump. I 
talked to my CDE about it and she advised me to keep a record of bgs, 
carbos, and insulin until I go. I now have 3 weeks worth of stats. Someone 
on here also advised me of doing this a short time later. Boy am I glad I 
have!! I hope that this will shorten my wait to get started once I finish 
with the insurance stuff.
So, All of you soon-to-be-pumpers: **take note** keep detailed records of 
your bgs, carbo intake and insulin dosages and even exercise routines. 
Thanks for the lesson everyone. It must be very frustrating to have to wait. 
Hope everything works out!!
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>Subject: [IP] Did you have to do all this STUFF before pumping? Im

>First, I must keep a really annoyingly detailed food log.  Fine, I
>dont really mind doing that for a few days. They want over 2 weeks
>worth!!!  Not only that, but I must test before and after each meal.
>If I miss logging a single meal or test, I must log an extra day.
>What???? I feel like a 10 year old having to reclean his bedroom
>because he didnt do it well.  I am human, and it is often NOT
>possible to test at the proper time after a meal.  After they get my
>2 weeks they will "review" the logs to see if Im "ready" for the pump.

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