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Re: [IP] Research Paper

Hi Leanna,

I'm a 43 year old male type-I, whose had DM for 32 years, and just
started pumping almost three weeks ago.  I live in Pueblo, Colorado.
I was previous only MDI for about 3-4 years, and prior to that,
was the old 2 shot a day routine (Reg & NPH), which did not do well
at all.

I have wanted to get a pump for years, and the last time I gave up
after insurance would NOT cover it.  This time, I decided I better
get one, whether insurance paid for it or not.  It did pay, but 
only $1000 max per year for durable medical equipment...  Luckily,
it's near the end of the year, and my coverage should return after
Jan 1, to cover some of the infusion set costs.... I'll be paying
it off for a while, but I'm glad I did!  It's worth it - considering 
I might otherwise die of complications down the road.

My endo has been supportive of *MY* decision to go on the pump.  He
wrote letters the first attempt, and this time again.  However, he
was not so supportive in the past - before I was requesting a pump.
I know another MD, who is a type-I, who had to talk him into pumps,
before they had his support to get one.  Afterwards, he saw the
great improvement in HbA1c, and now KNOWS pumps do help!  Today,
he claims to have about 30 people on pumps - and I'm one of them :)

ALso, my wife and family have been very supportive of my pump,
and DM in general.  I have two girls in school, and one out
of school.  I was originally thinking I would never see the
day my kids graduated from school (due to the doom sayers
predictions of DM complications...).  One is graduated, more
on the way, and I'm actually planning for retirement!

The reasons for the pump are numerous.  The main reasons being:

1) Terrible control between bedtime & morning...  Too much insulin
   activity at bedtime - which required HUGE snacks.  But didn't
   quite have enough insulin active in the morning (dawn phenomenon).
   I've KNOWN for years, that this was the biggest contributor to 
   my poor control (HbA1c: 10-13 on Reg & UL/NPH, 7-9 on Humalog 
   & UL/NPH).  For the last several years, I've been getting up
   at 3am almost every night, to make sure I'm not hypoglyemic, and to
   keep track of my NPH dose, and snack quantities.

2) Just a simpler, less stringent routine I wanted!  Not having to live
   by the clock anymore!  AND be able to sleep without getting up at 3am
   every night! 

3) After trying to get the pump this time - I found out I tested
   positive to microalbumin - which I want to reverse and/or slow down!

It's too early to tell if my HbA1c is better now, but I know from 
blood sugar readings, this is almost magic! I have NEVER had such
good control!  Today, my blood sugars were between 60, and the highest
was 120 :)  I can exercise, and go for hikes, without having the old
UL or NPH active, and have to eat huge amounts to be able to exercise!
Today, I went for a hike into an old area that had an archeological 
dig in the 1960's, at the site of a prehistoric indian village.  I
lowered my basal to 0.1u/hr, and did fine all afternoon!  :)  Plus,
I'm now starting to feel more energetic - which was a big drag on
me before!

Best wishes on your pump paper!  Write me if you have any questions
to get answered.  Write to me at:  email @ redacted (my main
email address - not this one!).


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