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[IP] Teachers, testing and calling home

After reading the posts in the last couple of days I felt the need to share
the letter I had received from Taylor's 3rd grade teacher.  This was after I
had written a letter to her saying that we would be missing school next
Friday as we had to travel to the Dr.  I also had asked her for a letter
back stating how it disrupts her class when he calls home (she has been very
supportive so far), and how she could see it affecting Taylor.  Now that I
set it up here is the response I got.  We are trying to get him on the
insulin pump, this is why we need to travel next week to see a Dr.  Holly

I got your letter and yes I am willing to help.  However, as a teacher it is
not frustrating for me to have Taylor monitor his diabetes, and need to call
home at times.  I can see it is somewhat frustrating for Taylor.  It must be
hard to feel the uncertainty he is faced with.  Why don't you write the
letter, you are better with the wording than I would be, then I'll look it
over and sign it.  Good luck you have my support-Taylor would so benefit
from that release of stress.  Mrs. Guenther

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