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Re: [IP] Another Insurance question???

I get my MiniMed pump supplies each month through a Durable Medical Equipment 
carrier and they are delivered directly to my home.  If you are calling the 
company (which company was it?) and a representative doesn't even know if 
they carry MiniMed pump supplies make sure they let you speak to someone who 
does know or can find out.  I know usually not everyone working at these 
types of companies are familiar with pump products but they usually have at 
least one person who is familiar and can assist you each time you order.  
They should be able to tell you what type of info. they need from your ins. 
company in order to get you order processed (once you find out they can get 
MM supplies).  They will also contact your medical group each time you are 
due for approval of additional supplies. 

If you can't get the info. you need from the supplier, contact your insurance 
company or your medical group (they are usually the ones the designate where 
you will get your supplies) and let them know you are having trouble.  This 
can be a frustrating process a first but once you are established with a 
designated company and are making monthly orders things seem to work out.

Good Luck !!    Linda
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