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Re: [IP] Thoughts on going on a pump!

In a message dated 11/6/99 1:59:25 PM, email @ redacted writes:

<< I spoke with my endo a few

years ago (I wanted something better than the injections) and he was totally

against it.  I haven't spoken to him yet, that's my next step, >>

Have you talked to the pump companies?  Minimed was very helpful to me in 
talking to both the endo and the insurance co (I was pumping 2 weeks after my 
initial call).   They also had info on which endos had pump patients and how 
many (mine had only had a couple, now only has 1 other than me -- but she was 
amenable to it, wrote a good letter).  When a doctor is totally against it, 
it makes me wonder if he is just ignorant about it and doesn't want to bother 
to learn.  After almost 44 years of injections and a little over a year on 
the pump, I know which treatment I can do better on -- with injections and a 
great deal of effort I could get normal HA1cs and a lot of lows; with the 
pump the lows are much less of a problem, I feel much better, and I have some 
flexibility in my life (and it still takes a lot of effort, but it is not so 
frustrating because there are not as many unexplained excursions and it is 
easier to fix the ones I do have).  And, oh, the joy of not having to eat if 
I don't want to!

Linda Zottoli
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