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Re: [IP] Thoughts on going on a pump!

At 10:59 AM 11/6/1999  RoseLea wrote:
>Sheesh, I'm so tired of always
>worring about where the next meal is going to be, and having my life
>scheduled around meals.  When we go out with friends, it's always, "Rose has
>to eat at noon, Rose has to eat at 5:00, etc."  I want better control and I
>want FLEXIBILITY!  I have been told the pump will give me this.  I can't

You've been told right. The pump can provide new flexibility in your life. 
Don't think that it will do magic, though, because a pump is just a tool. 
Only if this tool is set up properly and used wisely, will it improve 
things for you. Otherwise you will be no better off than before.


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